MycoMedica is one of the leading independent European producers and suppliers of medicinal fungi and food supplements. We are working together with Dr. Andrej Gregori on the development of new fungi-based food supplements. In addition, within the latest RRI project “First food supplement standardized to erinacine A”, we developed the analytical method for the determination of erinacine A. This is the the crucial parameter for the development and production of safe and effective food supplements that contain Hericium Erinaceus extracts that are standardised to main constituent, which is erinacine A.

Basketball club Cedevita Olimpija

We are proud to announce that PharmaHemp and BC Cedevita Olimpija have signed a cooperation agreement in 2021. Cedevita Olimpija players have always played key roles in the Slovenian national basketball team, the 2017 EuroBasket champion. We are convinced that this strategic alliance will bring knowledge of CBD’s therapeutic value in sports to an entirely new level.

Hannah biz

Since 2005 Hannah biz is one of the leading producers of hemp-based foodstuffs in Slovenia. Their processing methods are consolidated in a system with the purpose of ensuring safe, high-quality and organic products. Hannah biz is a sister company of PharmaHemp.

Rdeči noski (Red Noses International)

RED NOSES Clowndoctors was founded in 1994 in Austria as a non-profit organisation, bringing humour and laughter to people in need of joy. Today, RED NOSES Clowndoctors is one of the largest clown doctor groups in the world with   local organisations in 11 countries including Slovenia. Since 2018, PharmaHemp regularly  donates to Slovenian organisation Rdeči noski, which are running programmes for sick children in Slovenian hospitals.


ICANNA (International Institute for Cannabinoids) is a non-profit non-governmental organisation, formed by the partners from Slovenia, Germany and Austria. As an interdisciplinary organization, it brings together an array of experts, researchers and scientists from different countries. The purpose of the institute is a multi-national cooperation in the field of cannabinoid research. PharmaHemp is supporting partner of ICANNA since 2021.