We can provide you with the chemical and microbiological analysis of your product. Additionally, we also advise and support you to comply with applicable national legislation.


We offer complete traceability and quality assurance of all the products we offer. We achieve this by providing top-quality analytical services. These include testing all critical parameters that are continuously analyzed in our in-house and third-party international laboratories. See also Quality Assurance – Accredited laboratory services for more information.


We offer a full customer support in terms of regulatory compliance for all our products and customers. This includes:

  • Legal status of selected ingredients within the development process of a custom formulation which is performed in collaboration with our R&D department,
  • Registration and certification of finished products,
  • Preparation of legally required documentation such as Product Information Files (PIFs) for cosmetics, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Product specifications, Traceability Flowcharts, etc.

And we will explain you everything you need to know about the range of analyses we offer as well as support in regulatory compliance.

Advise and support you to comply with applicable national legislation.