Our R&D department is strong and eager for knowledge so we are constantly exploring and learning about the benefits of all natural active ingredients, not just CBD, that can contribute to better everyday life. We are here to help you develop and produce for you a high-quality product that is built on your own idea. We develop and produce various types of food supplements, cosmetics, personal care products and veterinary care products.
Food supplements are available a form of:
  • oils,
  • pastes,
  • water-soluble formulations of oily ingredients
  • gummies,
  • capsules,
  • sachets, etc.
We can provide you with innovative cosmetics and personal care products such as:
  • Creams and serums for facial care,
  • Gels, balms and creams for total body care,
  • Toothpastes and mouthwashes,
Veterinary care CBD-based oil formulations with a flavour of your choice are also available. Once the product is developed we can perform stability testing, where expiry date is determined. The tests are accelerated or performed under normal ambient conditions.


Based on your requirements we can help you find the most suitable packaging. Your product can be delivered to you as a white label product. This is basically a finished product that is filled and shipped to you in a non-labelled packaging. You can do the labelling on your own.

Alternatively, we can help you with the design and informational marketing material that is needed for the branding of your products. This can be developed and produced based our own experience and available design resources. We can also take care of translations to your national language.

And we will explain you everything you need to know about the whole process of providing you a custom product as a white label or private label product.