Cannabidiol (CBD) is a popular compound found in hemp plants. There are several studies available in the scientific literature about its favorable effects on vertebrates due to its affinity toward cannabinoid receptors. Having this fact in mind, it is not a surprise that most people decide to purchase CBD drops to improve their well-being. However, lately, a new segment of CBD products is gaining popularity: Cosmetic products infused with hemp extracts rich in CBD.


The regulatory frame of CBD-infused cosmetics in the EU

Cosmetic products in the EU are well regulated within the Regulation (EU) 1223/2009 covering cosmetic products. For CBD cosmetics, the same rules apply as for any other cosmetic product on the EU market. Namely, they need to comply with the above-mentioned Regulation on cosmetic products to be legally sold.

To comply with legislation, it is essential to follow a few rules:

  • there is a PIF file in place with a safety assessment written for each cosmetic product by an expert for safety evaluations,
  • the product is notified to the CPNP portal,
  • the product is labeled according to the rules set in Regulation
  • the product does not contain any forbidden substances listed in annex II of cosmetic regulation

Several other rules stated in the Regulation must be respected as well.


The cosmetic function of CBD and hemp extract

Functions of cosmetic ingredients can be seen in the CosIng database. The following functions are applicable for two CBD cosmetic ingredients according to CosIng:

  • Anti-sebum
  • Antioxidant
  • Skin conditioning
  • Skin protecting


  • Skin conditioning
  • Emollient


Types of CBD cosmetics

  1. CBD skin care products

Skincare products most commonly contain CBD isolate or purified extracts. CBD is added to skin care products due to skin protection, skin conditioning, and antioxidant function. Based on its functions, CBD can contribute to the moisturizing and nourishing properties of skin care products. The antioxidant function is important in terms of oxidative stress reduction in skin cells.


  1. CBD hair care products

The most appropriate ingredient for hair care products is CBD isolate due to its anti-sebum properties. It is suitable for incorporation in products for all hair types, especially those intended for oily scalp, like shampoos for greasy hair or serums and masks for greasy scalp.


  1. CBD body care products

Purified extracts and CBD isolate are appropriate for incorporating into body care products. Skin conditioning, skin protecting, and emollient functions are those that apply to CBD/hemp extract and are very valuable in body care products.


  1. CBD as an active ingredient in cosmetics

CBD can also be used as an “active ingredient” in products for the care of oily and acne-prone skin and products for the care of mature skin. Its anti-sebum and antioxidant properties are those which are most desired among users with any of the most common skin issues.



There are several different ways how to include CBD in cosmetics. Due to its several favorable functions, each cosmetic producer should consider its benefits. Besides the scientifically proven benefits of cosmetics infused with CBD, it is important to note that CBD cosmetics are also gaining popularity. So don’t miss the opportunity to be the next market leader in the segment of CBD cosmetics!