What are ISO certifications?

ISO standards can be described as formulas that tell us how to do something in the best way. They cover a wide range of activities in connection to making a product, managing a process, delivering a service, or supplying materials.

Each ISO standard is the result of the work of people with experience in a certain field who know the most common challenges and needs of different organizations and how to address and manage them in a systematic way.

There are a lot of ISO standards covering quality management, environmental management, health and safety, energy management, food safety, and IT security. However, they are all focused on increasing efficiency, reducing costs, improving customer satisfaction, engaging employees, reducing risks, reducing insurance premiums, and helping with tendering.

How can ISO certifications be beneficial for a company?

ISO certification is proof from a third party that the management system of an organization complies with the requirements set forth in one of the internationally recognized ISO standards. Sometimes, certification can be a legal or contractual requirement. It is a valuable tool for the organization to prove its commitment to achieving and maintaining a certain level of order and quality for its products or services. Having a certificate means that organization is subject to regular inspections by independent certification bodies. This helps build credibility and can even be a key factor for deciding when clients compare different companies on the market.

ISO certifications in the CBD world

What regards CBD products, one of the most recognizable and broadly used marks is GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices. However, a GMP mark on the product or web page of the manufacturer does not necessarily mean that products are manufactured in compliance with standards of good manufacturing practices. Therefore, it is advisable to check that the seller of CBD products has an official GMP certificate issued by independent certification bodies.

Pharmahemp’s ISO certificates

PharmaHemp holds several ISO certificates related to our production operations, the products themselves, and the company’s management system. All certificates are available on our website. We are being audited by independent certification agencies on a regular basis. Thus we prove that the quality management system in the company ensures complete traceability, reliability, safety, and quality control at all stages of production.