PharmaHemp® Bulk Premium CBD vape oil for e-cigarettes


PharmaHemp® premium CBD vape oil for e-cigarettes contains purified CO2 extract and selected flavours that are dissolved in pharmaceutical grade solvents. The product contains a high concentration of CBD, a wide range of other canna-binoids and bioactive compounds creating an ‘entourage effect’.

CBD content: 1–5 wt%
Cannabinoids presence: Full spectrum of cannabinoids
THC content: < 0.03 wt%

Ingredients: Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, Cannabis sativa L. extract, flavour*

* Flavours available: Amarena Cherry flavour, Cannabis flavour, Creamy Strawberry flavour, Green Apple flavour, Honeydew Melon flavour, Lime flavour, Menthol Blue flavour, Pina Colada flavour, Tiramisu flavour and Vanilla Custard flavour, etc.

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