A new distillate of purified extract – PHUD M is especially suitable for vaping products as it contains more than 50 wt% of CBD and a high concentration of other cannabinoids, with CBC, CBN, CBG, CBE and CBT prevailing, providing e cient “entourage e ect”. The total cannabinoid content is in the vicinity of 70 wt% with THC level below 0.05 wt%. The distillate is crystallization resistant. The distillate can be directly used for vape formulations with no need for additives, although di erent flavors can be added. Furthermore customized formulations with increased concentration of individual cannabinoids and with addition of individual terpenes can be prepared in order to tailor the e ciency and optimize vaping experience.

CBD content: > 50 wt%
Cannabinoids presence: Broad spectrum of Cannabinoids
THC content: < 0.05 wt%


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