PharmaHemp® remediated extract (PHUD M)


PharmaHemp® remediated extract (PHUD M) is especially suitable for vaping products as it contains more than 50 wt% of CBD and a high concentration of other cannabinoids, with CBC, CBN, CBG, CBE and CBT prevailing, providing efficient “entourage effect.” The total cannabinoid content is in the vicinity of 70 wt% with a THC level below 0.10 wt%. The distillate is crystallization resistant.

The remediated extract is especially suitable for vaping products. Also suitable for edibles, cosmetics and e-liquids.

CBD content: > 50 wt%
Cannabinoids presence: Broad spectrum of Cannabinoids
THC content: < 0.10 wt%

Ingredients: Cannabis sativa L. extract



15,25 384,30  Z vklj. DDV

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